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29-07-2015, 18:28
A tutorial/guide will be ready in some days.

So new members can understand the game better.

30-07-2015, 17:09
hello admin,,, :)

30-07-2015, 18:34
Hello cahaya :D

30-07-2015, 19:43
I want to ask whether there is a serious contes? :|

30-07-2015, 19:57
Will be somewhere in november.

As now we need to setup alot more stuff : adding minions/skins/worlds/missions etc.
Also fixing some bugs and so on.

The tournament will be : everyone can signup for the tournament. It will be a bracket. And your minion team will have to duel vs the other member. The one who wins go to the next round in the bracket. The one who lose is out.

Top members will win a part of the 250 euro prize.

So how stronger you get your team. How bigger the chance to end in the top.

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